Dig up the roots, hack them away! Topple it down, it grows too well! Stop your shovel, pause your axe. Would you topple down the very thing to the top of which you must hold? Up here you see reason thought pattern wish… You know each branch, the quiver of each leaf. Your tower. Your … More Roots


Grace in metaphor, a dancer in candlelight. Elegance in simile like a fine lady at dinner. Weave words, like mysteries. Start with endings, no such luxury in life. Find strands, grasp them tight. Make worlds, shape souls. Create… Won’t you tell me?

Silent Villain

We prepare every moment, perfection always envisioned. And then we die. ~~~ Not so much under the wire for day 27 as still standing in the queue to place a bet. Today’s (tonight’s) is very brief but on a topic that I constantly wish to cure myself of. Perfectionism, a villain second only to fear.


Find the quietest place in the world, there light a candle for my soul. Keep yourself from shadows, my dear, and the beauty of the light extol. Explore the lost paths of this world, hark to the journey without control. Keep your humanity always, the spirit and the kindness. Darkness will reach but never let … More Without


We strive to be others. Poets to Shakespeare. Actors to Olivier. Painters to Da Vinci. On and on. So much we forget, Us to ourselves.


the advance lever pulls and I can feel the film move a frozen moment digital intricacy with precision and control it makes us detached we protect the film with it’s delicate beauty must not let it die