2/? Poetry 2015

Step by small step, tiny prints in the sand, The waves they creep, clearing them off the land. Your purpose is lost in the early dawn mist. You already know the pain of the lost unknown.


Understanding ourselves is like falling up. If we only could, we would learn to fly. Rather we fall forever, never finding the ground.


There was a ring in his teacup. Being a reserved and sensible man, he complained politely, but became distressed when the waiter would not take the ring. The manager had to be brought forth to question all of the staff. No one would admit to being the owner of the ring. “Take it home,” suggested … More Unimportance

Talk Ideas Out

At one time or another everyone has experienced writer’s block, that terrible moment when we just can’t get the words out, and we feel like we’ve lost our touch. The feeling might be more terrifying to writers but I think all of us find it intimidating. So what can we do about writer’s block? Simply … More Talk Ideas Out